Chery Tiggo 4 Pro


Bold Front Face

Like a crouching tiger and a starry sky, the Tiggo 4 Pro’s front face is not just for show. The characteristic Diamond-Shape Grille improves heat dissipation efficiency, while the LED Headlamps with Crystal Diamond Lenses are 2.7 times more efficient than traditional halogen lamps. G-type Dynamic Daytime Running Lights complete this imposingly attractive face, are brighter and have better prompting effect.

High Performance Engine

Powerful at low speed with continuous power at high speed, the Tiggo 4 Pro’s durable and reliable naturally aspirated engine and transmission makes for great fuel efficiency and easier driving with more direct power output, higher transmission efficiency, and faster shift response.

1.5 VVT Engine (Urban & Comfort models)
83kW of power | 138Nm of torque
1.5T CVT Engine (Elite model) 108kW of power | 210Nm of torque

Smart Space

With a long wheelbase and even longer body length, the Tiggo 4 Pro’s small body is surprising accommodating. With a up to 1100 litres of boot capacity, you can pack what you want – even large strollers – say goodbye to cramped space and get a comfortable driving experience every time you get behind the wheel or into a passenger seat.

A Full Suite of Safety Features

Airbags – 6 ring-type air bags provides comprehensive protection
ABS – Ensures that the vehicle does not sideslip and tail flick during braking and steering
RSC – Keeps the body stable during high speed over sharp turns to avoid rollover
EBD – Keeps rear wheels from locking first so that the vehicle won’t drift
HDC – Hill Descent Control helps you go down hills at low speed without active braking
ESP – Improves high-speed steering and turning performance
HAC – Hill Start Assist Control ensures that the vehicle won’t roll back on steep starts
EBA – Automatically decelerates for the minimum braking distance during emergency braking
TCS – Ensures that slipping doesn’t happen during acceleration for added performance
ASL – Limit the maximum speed of the vehicle to avoid loss of control
ESS – In case of emergency braking, the double flashing brake lights activate automatically
EPB – Applies braking force to each wheel to ensure safe parking


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